Saturday, January 30, 2010

Slow & Sleepy Sturday

Last week was awful busy and then after yesterday with 2 classes; one in the am and another in the pm, then with the dreary day today I just plain needed to rest. Needless to say; I did not create one single item today.

Yesterday afternoon between my 2 classes I did create 6 projects!

The 1st project was for Stamp Express to show the amazing new tins that finally came back in! yeah, they haven't had these in since Christmas time when they sold out. Each tin holds an entire dozen of Hershey Mini Nugget Bars (I like the toffee & almond chip ones).

Then I created 5 projects; all designed to hold candy for my Sweet Treats Class on February 5th at 6pm. In my haste of the day I forgot to take photo's to post, so I will have to run over Monday Morning to take photos to post here on my blog. Two of them contain Valentine M&M's, two of them hold Mini Conversation Hearts and then the last of them holds 4 of the Hershey's Mini Nugget Bars. They are all adorable and I'm so disappointed that I forgot the pics I sooooo wanted to post them for you all to see. Check back Monday Evening, I promise they will be here!

This week will be another busy, busy week for me.
1st: I have to complete the projects and CD's holder I promised to send out to the owner of TGF and get those in the mail this week. I told her I would have them in the mail last week and then things just went crazy, so that is my 1st priority this week.

2nd: I have to create 2-3 cards for the IRIS Class I will be teaching at the Stamp Express on February 19th. I think I'm going to go with flowers because the theme is "Think Spring" I have patterns for a Rose and Tulips and a basket which would be so amazing to add prima flowers to embellish the basket. That is what I'm thinking but we all know how the process can change from thought through creation to finished project. Hopefully all goes well and it will not take long to complete these samples.

3rd: I need to start working on Make & Takes again. Like to keep those planned ahead so that I don't have to rush at the last minute. I'm finished with Valentine Make & Takes so I need to start moving onto Spring, St. Patrick's, Easter, etc. I like to prepare 4-5 at a time which is usually a full days work!

The Hot Stuff Make and Take from last week was amazing. I created the designer paper for the card and it was a huge success. They print more of this "Hot Stuff" Designer Paper each week and it sells out so they must print more again! I'm so delighted. This is the 1st Designer Paper I've created and the fact that is such an amazing HIT is so awesome!!! I'm so excited and I cannot wait to create more Designer Papers for Stamp Express.

Then the plan is to create more stamp designs. I've recently sent one set off to another company and I'm waiting to hear from them. Then I will be creating designs for Stamp Express. At this point Ken & Jackie are not sure which direction they want to go with these designs; either digi stamps or making their own polymer stamps. Time will tell and the future is undetermined at this moment but I promise their customer will be the 1st to know! So be sure to sign up for their news letter and keep up to date with this wonderful little shop. It is awesome and they are working to bring some really great things into the Stamp Express this year.

If you are local to the Stamp Express you will want to make a point to stop in Saturday, February 5th. They will have lots of NEW items going on the shelves Friday. Going on the shelves Friday is Copic Markers, GlimmerMist, Bo Bunny Candy Holders and Bo Bunny Double-Sided Designer Paper. Also while you are there you will want to check out the vintage papers for both Valentine's and St Patrick's. And if they get it in Vintage Designer Paper.

So now that I've chatted on for much longer than I anticipated. I will say Good-Night for now. Don't forget to check back on Monday to see pics of those "Sweet Treats". They are great, especially if you need an idea for your Child's Valentine's!

Friday, January 29, 2010


It has been a wild and crazy, long week here. And though it is Friday that doesn't mean I can rest just that tomorrow holds that possibility! lol

Today I am getting ready to leave for Stamp Express. I have 2 Rubber Stamp Tapestry Classes I am teaching there today. They are both exactly the same; one is at 10am and the other is at 6pm. Want to be sure to accommodate all individuals regardless of their schedules. Not sure how many are signed up for each class but we can always make room for one more if you want to hurry on in to catch this incredibly style of card making. The cost of the class is only $20 and you will make 2 card (with lots of layers and gold) and a book marker (with tassel).

We have about 4 of the Love sets available and a few other sets that are still on the shelves. The Rubber Stamp Tapestry had an amazing debut in Stamp Express and they are going fast, so fast that I pulled the love sets out and some of the hearts out to save for the classes today.

Stop by Stamp Express tomorrow or anytime next week to see the cutest little Sweet Treats that will be the next class I teach on February 5th. The cost for the Sweet Treats Class is also $20 and I will put samples up her later today!

Don't forget Stamp Express will soon be ordering from my absolute favorite company; The Greeting Farm and at the Spring Fest in March we will debuting JustRite Stampers. The excitement continues so get on board and have some fun with the Stamp Express.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sending TGF Off to CHA With Sunshine

Every Friday on The Greeting Farm Blog you can find a brand New FFF Contest. This last contest which is due today was Sending them off with Sunshine. When they were leaving for the CHA in Anaheim, Ca the monsoon still had it rain out there, thus their inspiration for this contest. Finally I got my card finished and published to TGF Galleria early this morning. Thankfully making the dead line for this contest. My version of Bringing up the Sun used Angel Anya. I had a number of ideas for this card but with the limited time I had to work on it this is what I finally decided on. I had originally wanted to use one of the fairies with the same sort of same sort of sun behind and a rainbows above. I am very pleased with the this card so no disappointments. Hope you all are enjoying my blog so far. I had no idea when I started this blog but I'm getting much better at it.

Today I need to start working on my Sweet Treats for my class that is scheduled on February 5th at Stamp Express I just realized how close that class is and that if I get they samples done to take this Friday they the samples will be on display for only 1 week before the class. This class will include 5 candy favor packages that you are sure to love and want to keep reproducing for various reasons and occasion. They are a great way to add a little something special in a lunch box, back pack or brief Case of your special loved ones. Also a great idea for class Valentine treats or favors for showers, weddings and anniversaries. The possibilities are endless!!

This Friday the 29th is my class "An Evening of Love with Rubber Stamp Tapestry" over at stamp Express. One class Friday 10am to 12pm and then again Friday evening from 6pm to 8pm. Hopefully one of these times will work for you and I can teach you how to use these wonderful stamps, give you tips on inks and colors and answer any other questions you may have regarding these stamps.

The Greeting Farms CHA Digi #3

The Greeting Farm CHA Digi Relay continues and today's Digi was Toby Cub. He is too cute so I had to use multiple copies on my card this time. Anyway I would say that I was excited to see what the next one is but I am up soooooooo late this evening that I just saw the nest #4 digi in the Relat is Prince Ian. I will post him tomorrow after I am able to complete that card but for now you will have to wait.

I hear that Marie and Jessica are having a great time at the CHA. Which is a really good thing because the poor girls they left back here are going crazy and I would imagine are sorry they volunteered to assist in this capacity. Both yesterday and today the site had so many people uploading and viewing pics that the site crashed, there was too much activity that the site could not handle it all. That may be bad for the relay but good for the business. At least in my opinion it shows how many people love their products at least I'm hoping that's the case and it's not just to get the FREE digi. This old world is a sad place sometimes when people only care about themselves and what they can get for FREE but it is happening every day out there.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Greeting Farm CHA Digi Relay Image 2

The Greeting Farm CHA Digi Relay is a huge hit with many people. Their site was so busy with uploads, viewing, and comments that their system over loaded and the stie crashed. Though that was a horrible thing to have happen especially when you are miles away from home and have to rely on getting YFI connection to get a hold of your tech guys is a horrendous pain in the pettuty!

I have been having a good time just throwing cards together. This sounds so horrible but my only concern is that I makle a card; regardless of how good or bad it may be so long as I post it on time and post my info in the comment section on time as well and I get the next FREE digi. So after the crazyness of the relay is over I will have 6 incredibly NEW digi's to use and make really great card to share with other and to enter in other contests.

If you didn't get on board Yesterday unfortunately it is too late to jump in now. So sorry you didn't make it in. But the good news is check out CA&F for the Monday Mandia Contest. It is a really cool Monday Manida, I hope I will have time to enter. Then check in to CA&F on Wednesday for the Wild Card Wednesday Contest. Don't forget the check out the Farmers Market on Friday for their blog contest. Again on Saturday if you check back at CA&F you will have a chance to get in on the Saturday Sketch contest. So even if you did mis the CHA Digi Relay you wtill have long of contests to enter and no prizes will be shipped until February 1st when Marie and Jessica get back from CHA.

I hope they are having a blast but they better remember to get some rest too because I don't know about you but I want details and of course I want to see the NEW REKEASE thet they will debuting on February 1st as well. I am just so addicted to TGF that I can't stop myself. I want to have every stamp and digi they have! But if I'm not mistaken we already establshedd that fact!

Monday, January 25, 2010

So as I mentioned yesterday The Greeting Farm is having a Digi Relay during the time they are off haveing fun at the CHA. So the 1st Image which we received yesterday was MerIan and is he ever precious. I was so thrilled that Mermaid Anya finally got a Mer friend that I had to use them both together on my card. While I wish I had much more time to create and make a more spectacular card; I did what I could in the time that I had and moved out because I wanted to be sure to get the next 2nd FREE digi which I must now create and have uploaded once again by 6 pm CST January 26th. So her is my card I submitted with MerIan and I used Mermaid Anya and if your didn't take notice the beautiful waterlily is from the Me Time Anya Set. I will hopefully have the time tomarrow to upload my next creation with the 2nd digi in the TGF CHA Digi Relay, which is WS-Charlotte. You can see her if you go to the TGF site but my card will not be there until sometime tomarrow, depending on how long it takes me to create!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

CHA Week is HERE & I am here in PA not CA

For those of you who know what the CHA is you are aware that thousands of vendor have spending their weekend flooding into Anaheim, CA to set up their booths and get ready for opening day when thousand and thousands of wholesaler Representatives and customers come to see what each and every vendor has to show them at their booth this year.

Each year the CHA is filled with vendor of all wholesaling levels; some NEW and some are the loyal vendors who never miss the CHA. This year The Greeting Farm will has made the journey to the CHA. While they are not a NEW company, they are still somewhat young in that they have been around less than 10 years but this is their very 1st year at the CHA. What a wonderful goal to have achieved, they really have arrived as one of the top stamp companies in world now, CONGRATULATIONS! Then there are the wholesale vendors who have been making this journey without fail each year to debut their NEW and amazing new products to all those customers eagerly awaiting to see if it will be a HIT or a MISS.

All the wholesale companies are hoping all the customers will be extremely thrilled with all their products but as we know; we do not like every product that we see. So some of the vendors will be wonderfully thrilled with the results they have while some will sadly walk away knowing some of their products will not make it through to 2011 I have been watching some sites to catch glimpses of the products that will be debuted this week at the CHA. Some products are thrilling some are copies of other brand because it really is all about the competition to see who has the staying power and especially in our economic times.

While I excited wait to see all the wonderful items that will be debuted at the CHA this year I have already formed some opinions on the items I've been seeing on-line. Sizzix is coming out with a machine that they have feature a picture of but no written info. From what I see it looks like they are trying to compete with cricut or possibly silhouette. While I am not sure which machine it is most like it appears to have an external piece resembling the gypsy. Like I said it is all about competition. If they are not continually coming out with new products they will become stale, old, and outdated. The Cuttlebug has updated it's look with new colors. It looks more fashionable and they really did need to update. The lime green machine has been out for a long time. But when you have a great machine it is hard to improve upon that. Ranger has an entire line of NEW Tim Holtz products they are introducing. This I am very excited about. I love these products but as I find them on the expensive side they get added slowly or not at all to my collection.

I just saw today that some company is introducing a product that I have been thinking about producing myself. Apron to keep our clothes clean as we get messy with our paper crafting. Of course while I may have had this idea and still plan to begin making these I will only be offering these for sale Stamp Express when I begin producing them. As those of you who know me well know that I have extremely bad Fibromyalgia that the doctors have been unable to treat so I could never even if I wanted to produce anything on a large scale.

So those of you who have been following my blog know that I am a huge TGF fan. Since this is their 1st week at CHA and they will be unable to keep up with all their usual contest they are having a Digi Relay this week. Go to their blog to see all the details. It is incredible and only you decide how many FREE digi's you receive this week; with the Maximum number of FREE digi's you can receive being a total of 6. You must follow the rules and you cannot miss one relay or you are out of the running. You must complete all 5 relays with the 5 different FREE digi's to get the bonus 6th FREE digi. How awesome are these wonderful incredible people and their fabulous company. They are always running contests giving away prizes of either rubber stamps or digi's and now they are giving FREE digi's to every customer who wants to participate in the contest. I wonder if they will offer a grand prize in the end. Don't know to me the FREE digi's are great and more that enough but you never know Marie, the owner is an absolute gem.

I will try to find more time this week to make another post since all I've talked about is the CHA because I do have lots and lots of news to brief you on.

So the last thing I will tell you about real quick. Check out the Stamp Express for the Sample Scissor Bauble they have on display. They will be selling for $10 and they are the prettiest little beaded baubles that you hook to your scissors or other tool that you want to add some bling to. They are made from various beads both handmade, real semi-precious stones and other types of products. So get your self into Stamp Express since you can't be at the CHA and check out the sample that is there. More will be coming as I have time to make them. But you can order according to color but you must remember they are one of a kind items and no two are alike.

Also if you didn't get in last week to make the hot stuff love note then ask Ken or Jackie to show you the Hot Stuff Designer Paper that I created especially for that card. If you are making a card with Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa or any other Hot Drink you will want to use this designer paper in your background layer. It is awesome.

Monday, January 18, 2010

To Design or Not to Design; that is the question?

Not much going on here today. I finally finished my card I was going to enter in TGF Wild Card Wednesday contest. I was only 1 day too late but late is late all the same. So I did put the post the card here on my blog so I could share it with all of you. Of course since I didn't get it in that does indeed mean I did not win the prize which was choice of any TGF Anya & Friends Sinlge Digi. Since my wish list is still forever long for both rubber stamp and digi's it is very sad that I didn't even get a chance to win. Then of course much to my delight and dismay they release new stamps/digi's every month. I will never have the entire set as my little heart does sooooooo desire!

So today I checked out the TGF Monday Mania Contest. So the card must include the colors: Olive Green, Pink, Dark Brown and Sparkle. You MUST also use an Anya, Ian, Wild Sprout, or Hope/Grace stamp to qualify to win. What does the winner win??? I have no idea, this was not included on the post this time.

Some of my friends think I have what it takes to design stamps. So I've been contemplating whether I really do have what it takes to design images for stamps on a regular basis. I know that I'm really good at making works of art with other peoples images. I can design the most fantastic cards, scrapbook pages and altered art items. However, I am not sure I can design images for stamps especially on a regular basis. And then there is the big question of whom do I design for. Mostly I'm scared as to whether I can really do it. So I've been doing some scketching and I will see what comes of it this year. If I am meant to design stamp images I know those dooes will open up at the right times.

I recently designed a set for TGF. I sent the designs in last week with samples. So I'm waiting to hear from Marie regarding that. TGF is going to CHA this week so I'm not sure how long it will be until I hear back from her. If the opportunity to design for TGF presents itself, I'm sure I could not turn that down because that would be the most incredibly and awesome offer ever.

So if you think I have what is takes to design images for Stamps leave comments to let me know what you think. I would love to do that but I'm scared to go for it mostly. I would hate to try something that I might fail at but I would hate not to try something that I could be great at. Help let me know what you think?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dreary Rainy Sunday Afternoon Today.

Sorry that it has been almost a week since I published anything at all. Guess it is a good thing that I currently have only 1 follower and since she is my best friend she knows everything they I will write here anyway!!! I do hope that I will gain some NEW followers soon and that my blog will blossom to be the beautiful flower I know it can be.

1st: I slightly changed the neme of my blog/site, whatever! I use to run a home party stamp business back in 1996 to 1998. I had a really good business going but then I desided to go back to school. So now I am a certified aromatherpist/aromacologist. I have done absolutely nothing with the aromatherapy other than for myself, some friend and some family, Needless t say the aromatherapy has become a hobby that I dable with very infrequently. As my heart truly lies in the artistic and paper crafting area I've been back to stamping, scraping and paper crafting full heartedly for about 5 years now. I also went to art school when I was finishing my seniour year of high school. We rarely talk about this because much to my parents didmay I did not finish the entire course. Hind sight being 20/20 it is also very much to my dismay as well. I was seriously considering opening a shop of my own but due to some health reasons I finally decided that this was something that would be out of my reach. It was at this time I went to talk to my friends Jackie & Ken at the Stamp Express. I've known them since I was in 2nd grade and I am very happy with the arrangements we have come up with and the way we are working together to bring her shop around to the best little shop in the area! At any rate back to the name change. When I was running my own Stamp Party business I had paid the state to register my business name and figured I should really use it now! Thus I'm once again using Stamp Works with the Extraordinary Paper Embellishments as a tag line.

So the Customer Appreciation Day at Stamp Express was a huge success yesterday! Yeah for them. I was definately a good sign that you all want them to continue to stay and to continue with the plan to bring in the new and fantastic products that are not being carried by any or most of the other shops in the surrounding area. Everyone was escited with the 4 Make & Takes we had for them to make.

1st they made a small magnetic picture frame for the refrigerator. It was easy, valentine oriented and oh so cute. The 1st step and most amazing of this adorable little giftable is that you can start with s simple square coaster like many of the resturaunts use.

2nd they moved to the next table to try the score-pal and the JustRite Stamps. Here they made a gate fold card stamped on the front with Sweet Treats and adnered a recied for Micr5owave Fudge inside the card. We will be debuting the JustRite Stamps in March at our Spring Fling so be sure to keep a watch out for information on that upcoming event.

3rd they moved inside the store and played and I do mean play. While they created an adorable little valentine oriented love note; creating with glimmermist is truly like playing with a favorite toy! Untorturately for us and our customers this sold out in less than a week and we did not have this in the shop yesterday. It is on order and we do expect it to come in next week or the following week. Orders are shipping slow ritht now because of the wholesale companies are all preparing for the ever extraordinaryly popular and upcoming CHA.

4th and Finally they moved over to the classroom where I was teaching them how to use our latest addition to the shop "Rubber Stamp Tapestty". These stamps were a tremendous hit and again we are almost sold out just from yesterday. Thankfully we did have the fore site to put back some of the set we will be using for the night of Love with Rubber Stamp Tapestry on January 29th.

After our customers were finished with their projects they were encouraged to look around and do some shopping after they stopped up front to view the item that was being given away to the Big Spender of the day. I so wish I had written down the lady who won. At any rate Ken or Jackie will notify the winner and she is the person who at the end of the day when the register was checked out that had spend the most money! Congratulations to our Big Spender, enjoy your lovely gift!

This week I was working on lots of items for the Stamp Express. I didn't have any more Make & Takes made so I desperately needed to work on those and got the next 4 weeks ready to go, Yeah! This weeks Make & Take is a 3" x 3" love note featuring coffee, tea, Hot Cocoa or whatever your favorite hot drink may be. If you like this little card be sure to pick up a few sheets of the designer paper which I designed especially for this Make & Take but I was so thrilled with it I do plan on using it on some additional projects in the future. I hope you all love it as much as I do.

I also had to get the samples made for the class I will be teaching at the Stamp Express on January 29th. An evening of Love with Rubber Stamp Tapestry. I was really excited with these samples I used only the one fetured set for the class with the addition of only 1 peg stamp. Whit these few stamps I was able to create 3 completely different samples that you too will recreate when you take the class on January 29th.

Now onto talk about my absolutely favorite stamp company, The Greeting Farm. Love their stamps and the people who own and work with the company are just as great at their products. Every one and every products is just so terrific. And the best thing of all is that Stamp Express does indeed carry The Greeting Farm stamps too. Another company that no other shop in the area carries. This company is so great to their customers is you just follow their 2 blogs you can try to winn something 4 times each and every week.
1st Monday they announce their 1st contest of the week.
2nd Wednesday they announce their 2nd contest of the week.
3rd Friday they announce their 3rd contest of the week.
4th Saturday they announce their 4th and final contest of the week.
I don't know on fany other company out there that has so many ways for their customers to win each and every week. This week the one contest is a FREE digi, andther contest is a FREE single stamp of choice, and I just can't remember right now wht the other 2 contest winners will receive. See how great they are. Then this week they asked the question at the Farmers Market how they could be cooler, well come on are they not already the coolest company out there? I sure thing that they are! I just love em, love em, love em!!!

Lastly I wanted to mention a new compny that I ordered 2 things from and received this week. If you are familiar with Stampavie and their artist Sarah Kay, who the Stamp Express also carries and to my knowlege NO other stores in the area carries. This will give you an idea of what kind of designs they have; however, their stamps are make out of red rubber and on the foam but they are cling so you again need the acrilic blocks, just like The Greeting Farm. Anyway the company is Belles 'N Whistles. Their designer stamp designer is Elisabeth Bell and the company owner is Summer. Not sure of Summer's last name. Belles 'N Whistles is the stamp company but Summer also has a shop called Roses on Paper which is located in beautiful Hawaii, on the island of O'ahu. I haven't yet had the time to use the two stamps I ordered from them but they are beautiful and I'm very excited about using them. In addition to my order of only 2 stamps Summer included a little bag of flowers with them. These flowers ae absolutely fabulous, they are not like anything I've ever seen here in Pennsylvania! Guess I'll be seeing if I can order some flowers. Anyway I look forward to ordering from Belles 'N Whisltles again, truly another wonderful company to work with. One of the very few that still send out small product samples with their orders, even a very small order!!!

I really just can't resist embellisments, or desgisn paper or ribbon!!! To say I have problems is an understatement. I have serious issues and a basement of shelves and jars to prove it!!!

So enjoy what is left of your weekend. Stay dry and warm and if I don't post again until next weekend know I am busy creating wonderful Make & Takes for Stamp Express or trying to win a prize at The Greeting Farm. I love working and making all these worderful samples for FREE products! It is what has been supporting my habit for some time! So I work so I can get new items so I can use them to work some more. It is worth it to me.

May your week be full of Blessings until next week!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Week

Sorry about no updates for the last few days. Had a really bad telephone call late Friday afternoon and set me up for a very bad weekend. Needless to say, I thought it better not to write while upset.

Remember tht this Saturday, January 16th is Customer Appreciation Day over at the Stamp Express. Make sure you get out of the house and come on over to the Stamp Express for some fun we created just for you. We will be having 4 different Make & Take Tables set up. Stop by each table and make something new at each table.

One of the Make & Take Tables will be demonstrating a NEW product Stamp Express began carrying this past week. Rubber Stamp Tapestry is here. You will get a chance to make a small sample on Saturday and the Sign Up for the Class on January 29th, to make 3 Fabulous Valentine Products with Rubber Stamp Tapestry. We will be have ongoing classes with Rubber Stamp Tapestry to continue to show you other great products and new designs that you can use these wonderful stamps for.

One of the Make & Take Tables will be demonstrating another NEW product Stamp Express started carrying a few weeks ago. Stamp Express is currently sold out of this fabulous product "GlimmerMist". If you pay for your order up front you will be able to choose the colors you want. Stamp Express will call you as soon as UPS brings your orders in the door.

Another one of the Make * Take Tables will be demonstrating a wonderful and trusted product as well as a NEW product that Stamp Express will be introducing in approximately April. We will keep you up to date and we let you know what products come in each week. All you have to do is make sure you have signed up for e-mail newsletters and updates.

The last Make & Take Table will be demonstrating the cutest item that you should already have products to make. However, you might want to check out the NEW double sided Bo-Bunny Design Paper that came in this week to make some of these adorable little magnets Valentines Day!

Please remember me in your prayers this week, as I try something very new. I can't tell anyone what it is at this time. If everything goes as planed; I will be shouting it from the roof tops so you will be sure to hear then!!!

If I don't post everyday this week it is nt due to a problem. I have so much work to get done this week. Today I created the Make & Take for Stamp Express for next week and the samples for the Rubber Stamp Tapestry Cass on January 29th. Tomorrow, I will again be working on Make & Takes, I need to get these made ahead by approximately 4-6 weeks so that I can them work on classes and help do some re-organizing over at the Stamp Express. I also promised to make and send samples into Marie at The Greeting Farm and I had to ask her to wait until I could get my work work done 1st. Plus There are some projects that I would really like to work on for myself so I really need to get the work done so I can have some play time too!!!

So that is about all I'm going to run on with for tonight. Have any comments or samples you'd like to share? I'd love to see them.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where is the Warm Weather???

I don't know about you but I am really tired of all this bitter cold weather. I don't want to see Summer or anything but I'd sure like to see 40 degrees perhaps.

I got home from helping with inventory at Stamp Express today and to my surprise my Big order was here from The Greeting Farm. I'm so excited, now if I could just get the time to trim them and sit down and play. Then later this afternoon UPS stopped and delivered part of my order from JustRite Stampers. I have so many new things and now I just need a whole lot of time FREE from the hubby and the babby so I can play and have fun until my heart is content!!! Tomarrow is the day that Belles N Whistles releases their NEW spring Sweetness Line. I was so impressed, I ordered 2 items from them. I have never ordered from them before nor have I had any experience with their stamps. Looking forward to seeing what they are like. I will let you know when I get them and what I think of them when they get here.

So what is your favorite way to add color to your stamped images? Leave some comments and let me know what you all think. I'm in love with my Copic markers, they may be a little expensive but well worth the investment.

Tonight this is going to be short. This moma is tired and the baby and I are going to bed now. I have no more energy left to deal with today. Bedtime will have to wait long enough to call my son who is currently stantioned in 29 Palms California. He is one of our few good men and while he is a good looking young man he is now taken ladies. In his honor; OooRah, Seper Fi, Marine Core! Oh yeah and he is following in his father's footsteps, he too was a Marine. Good Night-Catch you tomarrow!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Is it really Wednesday???

It doesn't even seem possible that it is Wednesday yet. I was over at the Stamp Express today helping Ken & Jackie out with their inventory. I kinda got tired of counting so I started re-arranging. Their Copic Marker order came in today while I was there and tomorrow they are expecting the Rubber Stamp Tapestery and Bo Bunny orders. Which is good because after the inventory is finished then the order can be checked in and put out for Friday, which is the next day they are open this week. I anxious to see what they have coming in from Bo Bunny! I already know about the Rubber Stamp Tapestry because I am the teacher for that selection of stamp at this point I am the only person in the store who knows or has any experience with those stamps. The best news for me today was that I took some shelves down, clearing an area getting it ready not ony for the Rubber Stamp Tapestry Stamps but also for the next order from The Greeting Farm. I absolutely so excited.

I got home from today in my mail box was my order from January 1, 2010 with The Greeting Farm. I was one of the lucky few who got one of the limite addition Oliver and Amelia-Happy Day Set. Oliver and Amelia is a new series being added to The Greeting Farm. They only had a very limited supply for the January 1st release. The set will not be available again until March when they introduce the Oliver and Amelia Series. I feel so fatastically privledged to have gotten this set early. Can't wait to play with it but today I am much too tired after doing inventory all day, how sad it that. I also got Ruby, Gigi and Stella. So even more exciting is that 2 days later I placed another order with The Greeting Farm so it should be here on Friday. See how bad I am - I told you not to worry about you addiction that mine is far worse!!!

So when I was placing my order on the 3rd I also place an order for 2 items with Belles N Whistles. I've never ordered from them before. I am totally excited about getting the order from them. The stamps look adorable and are more on the lines of the Stampavie Stamps. I will most definately let you all know what I think of them.

Sadly I must tell you that I had to delete the samples for the Stamp Express Appreciation Day on January 16th. I took the samples in to show Jackie today and she said to to display them to let the customers be surprised. Needless to say, I've deleted the pictures so unless you got luck and saw them in the 20 hours they wher up you are going to be surprised!!! They are very cute and each of the teachers are thrilled with the samples they are showing. So that should let you know that they are good if our teachers are excited! Jan thinks hers is the best, so unless you want to offend Jan lets all just tell her that Yes, hers is the best of the 4. The best thing for you; the customer, is since it is customer appreciation you all get to make 1 of each of the 4 Make & Takes!

I Look forward to seeing each of you The Mini Magnet 2010 Calendars on January 8th from 6pm to 8pm cost $20; then at the Customer Appreciation on January 16th and of course this is FREE and yet again for A Night of Love with Rubber Stamp Tapestry on January 29th from 10am to 12pm or 6pm to 9pm cost $20. All at the Stamp Express!

Until then, follow my blog. Look for more Samples which I do promise will be coming and for upcoming events and product info at the Stamp Express. Be Happy and Stamp Happier!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Good Grief and I'm NOT Charlie Brown

WOW! It has really been one of those days. Everything just seemed to go wrong; today, if I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have had any luck at all. The ONLY good and best part of my day was that I got to spend time with my friend, Michell. We had every intention of stamping and getting some things done but we ended up just talking and sharing. We showed each other the new things and ideas we each had since we last got together. We do not get the chance to get together ofter enough anymore, since we are both raising our grandchildren. But neither of us would have that anyother way either! Today I found pictures that are on my old computer that I must find. There are some samples on there that I must share with you all. Now they are all made with Stampin' Up because I was an active demonstrator at the time. But some of the ideas and techniques are worth looking at. I do promise that there will be lots of NEW samples in the near future. I have lots and lots of ideas I just need to get downstair and into my stamping room. I'm totally excited about the NEW Rubber Stamp Tapestry Stamp Class we have planned at the Stamp Express on January 29th. I'm so excited about this class. I must admit that I don't have the samples made at this point but are my top priority and will be available for viewing her at my blog and in Stamp Express by the end of Next Week. The class is for Valentine's Day and the items we make will be as special as the day it's self. Don't miss out on these wonderful new stamps. Some of the stock is due in the shop by the end of this week. If you haven't had any experience with Rubber Stamp Tapestry sign up for my class and we will have a wonderful time. I also can guarantee you that once you start using them you will want many, many more of their sets! You know how obssesive we stampers are. Gotta have it, can't live without, I must get it now! Yes we are all like that don't feel bad, let it out and buy what you want. Life is too short not to have everything your little heart desires. Well my night is quickly coming to a screaching halt and the bed is beckoning so I will catch you tomarrow.

Monday, January 4, 2010

What Color Do You Feel Like Today?

I've been feeling like orange today! I have so much work to get done but I keep getting pulled off tast. Even made a list this morning but I still have so much left on that list yet to do, I did get all my printing done. I did get the 4 Make & Takes done for the Customer Appreciation at Stamp Express on January 16th. That makes me feel better and I know it will be a load of relief for Jackie when I tell her. I got some other things accomplished to over at Stamp Express today to. I was able to get more things together for the $ Bar. This is one of the things I absolutely love and so few of the stamping and scrapping stores have them. Anyhow, if you want the low down before Ken gets it out to you over the week-end. There are glitter leaves @ 4 for $1 and Ivory Organdy bag @ $1 each. Great Gift Idea is to purchase the Organdy bag and then enough other items off the $ Bar to fill the bag; what a cute and delicious gift for someone special this valentine's day! Remember that Valentine's Day is sneaking up on us faster than you realize. I gotta tell you I really excited about getting my list complete so I can get to the fun stuff like creating new items whether they be card, gifts or other tems to thrill the senses. Just got a slew of new digi's from The Greeting Farm that I'm so looking forward to playing with and I just placed 3 orders last night that I will anxiously be awaiting. Of couse I ordered 6 items from The Greeting Farm, if you haven't guessed yet they are my all time favorite company. Then I order 4 items from JustRite Stamps which I'm loving. Can't wait to start the cookbooks for my Son; I will be using alot of the JustRite Stamps for that. Then I ordered 2 items from Belles N Whistles. I am very excited to get these stamp to see if I like them and what the qualities like etc. This is the 1st time I've ordered from them. I hope I find them of good quality because I've got to tell you the designs are just too cute for Valentine's Day! Tomorrow I hope to have a Purple Day, lots of center energy and focus; that would be a great day to get things accomplished!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New Blog and New Posts Coming


May you find a moment that is truly priceless today. As I begin to get the hang of this NEW blog thing and I get the hang of posting to this new blog thing every day I promise I will add newer and newer pictures. The 1st two and only ones I have listed at this time happen to be my two favorite from 2009 and most importantly the only two that I currently have downloaded from my phone. I know that is so bad. I promise as I get better at this my site will get better and the download will the more up to-date!!!

Those of you that know me know that I am involved a lot with Stamp Express. I am their Make and Take Designer. This is really a fun job especially when you get so much feed back and most of what I've heard has been good so far!!! I also teach classes at the Stamp Express. This month on the 8th we are having mini magnetic calendars and on the 29th Love with Rubber Stamp Tapestry. Sign up early so you don't get left out in the cold, and my is it a very brrr chilly out there! In addition to the Make and Takes and Classes you will see or will not see me because I am behind the scenes helping in other ways. Stamp Express is a wonderful little Stamping and Scrapbooking Store. I would encourage you to stop in often. There may be a lot of changes happening this year but trust me they are all for the good. We would never make a bad change for our treasure customers. Speaking of which Don't miss out on Customer Appreciation Day January 16th. It's going to be a blast, so be there or be bored (couldn't say square because that is a shape we happen to like a lot in our card making and scrapbooking! Look forward to seeing you on the 16th

And please do pass the word about my blog. I need or would like some followers and I can only promise that it will get better and better!!!

Thank you so much to my very 1st follower and best friend Michelle. You are truly a gem in my life. Now spread the word my dear peridot!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

I'm excited that we are entering a new year. I'm especially escited to see what awesome things we can look forward to this year. As each company tries to out do the other and be the most popular with bringing out the top selling items for the year 2010. The CHA should be all too exciting this year, and so far I've haven't heard anything to expect!!!