Sunday, January 24, 2010

CHA Week is HERE & I am here in PA not CA

For those of you who know what the CHA is you are aware that thousands of vendor have spending their weekend flooding into Anaheim, CA to set up their booths and get ready for opening day when thousand and thousands of wholesaler Representatives and customers come to see what each and every vendor has to show them at their booth this year.

Each year the CHA is filled with vendor of all wholesaling levels; some NEW and some are the loyal vendors who never miss the CHA. This year The Greeting Farm will has made the journey to the CHA. While they are not a NEW company, they are still somewhat young in that they have been around less than 10 years but this is their very 1st year at the CHA. What a wonderful goal to have achieved, they really have arrived as one of the top stamp companies in world now, CONGRATULATIONS! Then there are the wholesale vendors who have been making this journey without fail each year to debut their NEW and amazing new products to all those customers eagerly awaiting to see if it will be a HIT or a MISS.

All the wholesale companies are hoping all the customers will be extremely thrilled with all their products but as we know; we do not like every product that we see. So some of the vendors will be wonderfully thrilled with the results they have while some will sadly walk away knowing some of their products will not make it through to 2011 I have been watching some sites to catch glimpses of the products that will be debuted this week at the CHA. Some products are thrilling some are copies of other brand because it really is all about the competition to see who has the staying power and especially in our economic times.

While I excited wait to see all the wonderful items that will be debuted at the CHA this year I have already formed some opinions on the items I've been seeing on-line. Sizzix is coming out with a machine that they have feature a picture of but no written info. From what I see it looks like they are trying to compete with cricut or possibly silhouette. While I am not sure which machine it is most like it appears to have an external piece resembling the gypsy. Like I said it is all about competition. If they are not continually coming out with new products they will become stale, old, and outdated. The Cuttlebug has updated it's look with new colors. It looks more fashionable and they really did need to update. The lime green machine has been out for a long time. But when you have a great machine it is hard to improve upon that. Ranger has an entire line of NEW Tim Holtz products they are introducing. This I am very excited about. I love these products but as I find them on the expensive side they get added slowly or not at all to my collection.

I just saw today that some company is introducing a product that I have been thinking about producing myself. Apron to keep our clothes clean as we get messy with our paper crafting. Of course while I may have had this idea and still plan to begin making these I will only be offering these for sale Stamp Express when I begin producing them. As those of you who know me well know that I have extremely bad Fibromyalgia that the doctors have been unable to treat so I could never even if I wanted to produce anything on a large scale.

So those of you who have been following my blog know that I am a huge TGF fan. Since this is their 1st week at CHA and they will be unable to keep up with all their usual contest they are having a Digi Relay this week. Go to their blog to see all the details. It is incredible and only you decide how many FREE digi's you receive this week; with the Maximum number of FREE digi's you can receive being a total of 6. You must follow the rules and you cannot miss one relay or you are out of the running. You must complete all 5 relays with the 5 different FREE digi's to get the bonus 6th FREE digi. How awesome are these wonderful incredible people and their fabulous company. They are always running contests giving away prizes of either rubber stamps or digi's and now they are giving FREE digi's to every customer who wants to participate in the contest. I wonder if they will offer a grand prize in the end. Don't know to me the FREE digi's are great and more that enough but you never know Marie, the owner is an absolute gem.

I will try to find more time this week to make another post since all I've talked about is the CHA because I do have lots and lots of news to brief you on.

So the last thing I will tell you about real quick. Check out the Stamp Express for the Sample Scissor Bauble they have on display. They will be selling for $10 and they are the prettiest little beaded baubles that you hook to your scissors or other tool that you want to add some bling to. They are made from various beads both handmade, real semi-precious stones and other types of products. So get your self into Stamp Express since you can't be at the CHA and check out the sample that is there. More will be coming as I have time to make them. But you can order according to color but you must remember they are one of a kind items and no two are alike.

Also if you didn't get in last week to make the hot stuff love note then ask Ken or Jackie to show you the Hot Stuff Designer Paper that I created especially for that card. If you are making a card with Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa or any other Hot Drink you will want to use this designer paper in your background layer. It is awesome.

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