Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tasetefully Tuesday

Remember be telling you some postings ago bout the grunge board roses? Well finally, last night I tried the rose with regular card stock and today I tried a flower I had laying around and made a lily. Both turned out FABULOUS!

The rose I used just the regular SU Summer Sun card stock cut our with a Spellbinder Blossom die. I took an orange Copic marker and colored the edges of the petals before assembling the rose. I had to be much more careful working with the regular card stock. But I'll slow down and take that as the grunge board is 3 12"X12" sheets for $6. My budget says shop cheaper! Another added benefit is that you do not have to keep soaking in down with Glimmer Mist. Thus you save on Glimmer Mist and your can choose from so many additional colors this way to. After I had completed the entire flower; I sprayed in with the gold glimmer mist and does it ever shimmer!!! I'm completely in love with these fantastic and awesome roses.

Then as I told you I had this die cut flower just laying there in the Craft/crafting room and I though oh now doesn't this kinda look like a lily. So the paper total stinks because I cut it out so long ago just to try a friends new die. Guess I'll be buying the die now too!!! LOL It makes such a great Lily, I cannot wait to borrow her die again so I can make some more real to life lilies.

Lok at them shimmer, look at them shine, look at them in all of their glorious beauty; pretty paper flowers of mine
I hope to share with you all the wonderful little Easter Goodies and the Birthday Gifts I have made for my Brother and father. April is such a busy, busy month for my family. We start the 1st with a friends birthday and the the 5th is another friends birthday. Of course mine is on the 6th and my Hubby knows he had best make a big to-do out of it!!! Then my only brother's is on the 8th and finally my father's is on April 28th. I'm telling you it is crazy especially when Easter gets thrown into the mix as well. But it is fun and we get to spend some extra time with family and friends too!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Manic Monday

Well even though it was a crazy day and I had an incredibly awful head-ache until my hubby got home. He lovingly watched the baby so I could take some time alone. Well I headed straight for my stamping room instead of the bedroom. Needless to say it was a good therapy because it worked, I no longer have a head-ache and I have several lovely cards to share with you.

The 1st card her I made for my son. Being a Marine (they all tend to drink too much) and he is getting ready to deploy so I thought he could use the laugh and appreciate the humor of this card. Thankfully this deployment will not be to Afghanistan! That certainly does make "MOM" happy. I won't spend everyday worrying and crying.

Any ways this little card was made with stamps from DRS Designs. This is a great stamp company and in addition to being able to purchase stamps both retail and wholesale; they also offer a monthly stamp club which I do indeed belong to! Then moving on to this lovely cake gal "royal pain: from TGF. This was one of their NEW releases in March and now in just a few short days we are looking forward to the NEW releases for April. Which we got already have a few sneak peaks that absolutely fabulous!!! I for one an really looking forward to a to their NEW April releases. I'm hoping that I have some Easter and/or Birthday money to spend on some of their awesome stamps and/or digi's! Yeah, I'm so excited!
So that is about all I created today in the way of cards. I did create one other item today but it is not shown her. I have a friend who is only 2 or 3 years older than me and she never had not made a friendship bracelet. I'm very excited to give it to her. Since you know who you are if you are reading this, just act surprised when I give it to you! LOL Since she is going in for surgery this Friday I also put a little charm of Ganesha one the bracelet since this Hindu pantheon is the remover of obstacles. Wishing you the best of luck on Friday Michelle.

Speaking of Easter and Birthdays; that is what I should have been creating those cards! I do in fact have a brother who's Birthday is 2 days after (+ 6 years) after mine) and My Father's Birthday is the 28th of April and then there are the Easter Cards that I should make. Or at the very least I should make!!

Isn't it funny how hard it is to make the cards we need to make but so much easier to make card that we make for the sheer fun of making the cards!!! Go figure!

Well that is it for today. I'm heading to bed so I can get up and hopefully get those necessary cards before the Easter Holiday since we will all be getting together then. Looking forward to seeing everyone, especially those I haven't seen in some month. Hopefully it will be a fun and happy holiday!

So to all you out there; just in case I don't post again before the Holiday. Here is Wishing each and every one of you the Happiest of Easter's Ever!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Need You To Vote for Our Teams Card - PLEASE !

Good Morning All! Hope your morning is much more sunny than it is here in Central PA. I'm just waiting for the rain to dump on us.

Now about this Challenge that I need as many of you to vote for as possible. I am BEGGING you all to PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE go here and vote for my team's "Farm Fresh Fairies". Following is the fabulous Grand Prize that I so very much want to win; so please, please, please vote for our teams 1st Challenge in the Royal Battle at The Greeting Farm.

This lovely card in the one our team unanomously voted on from all of our own creations to submit as our card to represent our Team in this TGF Royal Battle Challenge. And as I said before we so want to win.
I know this is a huge favor but you will need to go to www.thegreetingfarm/galleria to find our card and leave a comment. The more comments we have thus the more votes we have. The top 30 of the 60+ TEAMS are the ones that will be moving on to the 2nd challenge. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping and hoping we "Farm Fresh Fairies" make the top 30! Anything you can do to help us out would be great, like voting and asking everyone you know to vote too!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Be-Lated Birthday Becky

Thursday was a friend's Birthday. Did I forget her; most certainly NOT. Becky I did indeed remember your Birthday and I sent a lovely card and a small gift home with Michelle Thursday afternoon/evening. So, if you see this before you see Michelle; Becky, please act surprised!!!
I do Hope your Birthday brought many blessings and that they will continue to spread through out this next year.

Make & Take at Stamp Express this Week is :

Lest we be late this week I'm going to go ahead and post the Make and Take for this week at Stamp Express. Yes that is a beautiful box of pink roses and it says A Happy Easter!

Again this week we are sticking with an Easter Theme. And since everyone seems to be so crazy about the Vintage look we stuck with that this week yet again. Let's face it these Vintage pictures are just to die for. In fact, we have been printing sheet after sheet after sheet of these great papers.

If you are looking for Vintage papers get your self on into the Stamp Express. We have everything from Vintage Holidays, to Vintage Flowers, Vintage Sheet Music and lot and lots more.

Let it Shine !

Good News for You and the Sun Keeps Shining! WooHoo.... Our team "Farm Fresh Fairies" decided not to use my card to submit for this 1st TGF Team Challenge. That means I can show you all my card, yeah! Told you the Sun Keeps Shining! So this "Going Retro" was our inspiration.

And from this use I pulled out colors and what I felt was a Retro Card. While I am still extremely pleased with my card and feel that is both elegant and beautiful "Goring Retro" means something completely different than what I think of as Retro. I've realized after a sweet friend pointed out that we are not as young as we once were! Today's NEW generation of stampers & scrappers; retro can even mean the 80's. Well to me that was still growing up; graduating HS, teenage years began to dwindle and then the beginning of young adulthood. So all that being said and my chatter surely getting to you I will finally show you my Lovely Card:

So What do you think??? Since I created it special and didn't use it I'm hoping it will fall into some of the guidelines so I can use it as part of my introduction packet for a Design Team I am applying for this week. I Love this card! It is the 1st shadow box type card I've made and they do indeed carry TGF, so hopefully I will it will be a good choice for that endeavour. As I've always been told "when one door closes and other door opens" something good should come from this sweet and special little card.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Sun Did Shine !

After what turned out to be a very dreary few hours this morning it cleared and gave way to beautiful sunny skies! Though a little blustery it ws extraordinary!!!

I have finally finished my card for the TGF Team Designer Challenges. Our team decided we would all do a sample and then all decide which one we should submit four our representations. So until we decide upon that and Marie has posted it to the THF Gallaria I cannnot post it to my blog. Sorry.

It is a great card and I'm anxious to share it with you all but alas that must wait for now. I've gotta say it was very hard to get the mojo working for this project. I'm thinking because they showed us this fantastic 3-D item and I had oh so many ideas but our instructions were only to use the colors for inspiration and to make a card. Well let me just give you one little tidbit for right now I made a 3-D, shadow box type card. It still can be placed in an envelope and mailed but it can then be pulled out and set up again in the 3-D manner, yeah!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

WOW! Am I late on this or what???

So sorry this is a little late coming out this week. This weeks Make & Take at the Stamp Express is a beautiful Easter Greetings card. So you still have Friday and Saturday of this week to bring yourselves in and make this card

I so hope you all enjoy this simple yet elegant Easter Greeting's card. I thought it very appropriate with the great speed in which the Easter Holiday is ascending upon us. Next week will also be another Easter Card and then it will be Easter. Next weeks is my favorite of the two Easter Card. It of course have has by favorite "PINK" color and they are pink "ROSES". Who cannot like pink

We have many of the Make & Takes planned ahead of time. However, if there is a project you'd like to see on the Make & Take Table, please let me know. I want to make sure I am able to help you all with any techniques or anything specific you'd like to learn and or see. I hope to be able to get a cute little suggestion box made and have idea request slip available soon.

So until next time, Stay safe and be creative!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Everything is Coming Up Roses

Well tonight I really should have been starting my part of our TGF Team's 1st Challenge and what was I doing??? Exactly what I have planned for 2 weeks now. Making "ROSES" out of Grunge Board! Did I have FUN? Yes, indeed I did have lots of fun and many thanks to Brenda Trimmer who came over to show me how to make these incredible "ROSES"! Do I feel bad about not working on my TGF Project? Well a little, but not too bad. After all I figure I will get it done tomorrow so all should be good. Besides tonight allowed me to think about the project and what I wanted to do. And I did discover 1 very important thing the project needs to be more retro and less vintage. Very Important in the planning !
Now let's talk about these "ROSES". Can you believe these "Roses" are made out of "Grunge Board"? So you want to know how to make these lovely, beautiful and fabulous "Roses"? Of course you do. Well then, here is the deal; you come over to my house and I will show you how to make them. You ask what is the cost to learn something so incredibly wonderful. How about you just bring a great project to share with me and I will share with you!
OK my pretties; I must go get to bed. I have 2 Errands to run tomorrow and then I must get my bottom in the craft room and to work on the TGF Project for our 1st Team Challenge. I have NO Intentions for letting my team down. Tonight happened to be planned for several weeks and I couldn't cancel; not that I wanted to anyway. I've been anxiously awaiting tonight to learn how to make these fabulous "ROSES"

Friday, March 19, 2010

Farm Fresh Friday - Sketch Contest Today

Hello Friends! So glad you are enjoying my blog. Today's post is to show you my newest creation, which I created for The Greeting Farms - Farm Fresh Friday Sketch Contest This week.

The sketch was of course laid out for us to follow, so that part was really simple. Then I had to choose a TGF character, again really simple. I had a lot of fun with this one. Played with some painters tape and moved it around to tape off areas and used my Glimmer Mist to color much of the sketch background. What fun that was! Then I added some lace I've been wanting to play with, two ribbon flowers. Tried out my newest nestabilities, and two new SU sets one with the corresponding scallop punch and some stickles. After all what kind of card could we truly make without stickles!!! I used almost every color in the rainbow on this card and somehow it seems to work!

Oh yea, You are waiting to see my incredibly awesome creations, sorry about that!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

JustRite Stampers Samples Ready

OK I have the samples ready for the JustRite Stampers Class this coming Tuesday, March 23rd at the Stamp Express.

And don't forget the Spring Fling @ Stamp Express this Saturday, March 20th! It's going to be a fun, fast paced, prized filled day. We will be introducing these incredible JustRite Stampers. Remember, you do NOT want to miss this!

I will be using the 3 1/4" large Circle Stamper with the 2 NEW 3 1/4" circle flowers with the included borders. Honestly at this point I was in such a hurry to get the samples ready that I'm not even sure if the flowers are from the same set or from different sets. All I can tell you is that when I stamped these weeks ago; I did stamp each flower with the border that came paired with that particular flower.

This 1st sample which we will consider a tag; for lack of a better name. Isn't this gorgeous? I'm afraid that the colors are very light due to my copic choices.

This 2nd sample is a sachet. You will like thing one immensely, as we combine a fabulous JustRite Stamper 3 1/4" Flower Image and Border with nestabilities and I will even show you how to add you own beautiful scents to freshen your home or any other area that makes you smile.

Finally my 3rd and last sample is this incredible wall hanging. It is a total of 16inches long and it only has 3 of the 3 1/4" Circle Flowers. I of course was unable to get this on the scanner anyway to include the entire wall hanging. So what I had to do was scan it twice; one half and then the other half. This way did include the middle flower on both pictures but it gives you a better idea of what the project looks like and it gives you some idea of how long the entire wall hanging is. Again the colors are light due to my copic marker choices.

You will have the opportunity to make yours darker in the class; have not fear! Remember the class is on Tuesday, March 23rd from 6 pm to 8 pm. The class only costs $20 so you cannot go wrong. You WILL have lots of FUN and you WILL LEARN how to use, stamp and care for your JustRite Stampers and MOST importantly you WILL leave the class with 3 Super, Fabulous and Beautiful Projects to use as Gifts or to keep for your own personal use.

Remember Easter & Mother's Day are coming; so you just might need these gifts for one or both of these occasions. You certainly can NOT go wrong using these as gifts for these two occasions.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Fling @ Stamp Express

Make sure you Spring on in to the Spring Fling this Saturday, March 20th at Stamp Express. We will finally be introducing the long awaited JustRite Stampers. There is much more than the excitement of Spring in the air over at the Stamp Express right now. Our customers are sooooo excited about the introduction of these fantastic new stamps.

There will be quick and easy demos going on all day long and we will be giving you some important info about the new JustRite Stampers. There will of course be a NEW Door Prize EVERY HOUR; there will also be another great gift for the "BIG SPENDER" of the day on Saturday. And of course it wouldn't be an Event is we didn't offer a FREE GIFT with Every Purchase this day.

Then the Fun continues on Tuesday, March 23rd we will be having our very 1st JustRite Stampers Class. So you can learn how to make some extra special projects with your new Stamps. Especially with Easter and Mother's Day coming up these projects will make GREAT GIFT! You will not want to miss this class.

Even if you decide now is not the time to purchase the JustRite Stampers for you own collection; you will not want to miss this class. You of course will use our stamps in the class and you will have 3 terrific projects to use for gifts afterwards. The cost of the class is $20 and so well worth it. You are going to love these projects for this class, we are sure of it. I will post pictures; just as soon as I have them finished. They are looking great so far though.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Laces Up" WINNER

I am so please and happy to announce the winner of last weeks "March 8th" Laces Up Monday Mania.

I was very difficult to come to a decision and pick only one winner. There were so many fabulous entrants. The winner I chose was "Curlybear". I was so happy to be able to choose some one who not only made a fantastic card but who isn't already on a design team and receiving FREE stuff to create with throughout the year, etc.

I will be anxious to see what she does with her winning stamp! Congratulations!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Soggy-Soggy Saturday

WOW has it ever been a wet and soggy Saturday! Here in central Pennsylvania we have warnings for flash flooding due to the lovely rain which started yesterday and continue or should we say got even worse today!!! I do believe that our 7' mountain of snow at the end of our drive has finally disappeared, that much of it is good!!

Due to the incoming weather my fibromyalgia made sure that my body wrecked havoc on me this week. I was out of commission for 95% of the week. That being said, I got little or NO stamping projects finished this week. Weeks like this really stink, especially when I have so many projects to get finished. This week coming is a new week and hopefully sunshine will shine upon me so I can get all the projects finished that I need to this week.

1st things 1st! My Make & Take for Stamp Express this week is "Riding The Spring Breeze". This was a very fun card to make and so very whimsical. I need to remake this card for another purpose when I can do more with it instead of having to keep is Sweet and Simple. For those of you who are not aware this one of Dustin Pike's Digital Images that he had on his blog as a FREEBIE! What a fantastic artist; I love his dragons, they are just so whimsical, quirky and way fun!

So for the rest of my week it is going to be mad crazy. I have an IRIS class to teach Tuesday night at Stamp Express. I also have to get Ready for the "Spring Fling" at the Stamp Express for which I am demonstrating the JustRite Stamper products which we are introducing that day as a new line their shop will be carrying. Not only do I have to get ready for this but I also have to prepare for a Stamping Birthday Party at Stamp Express on Sunday, the very next day!!! Thank goodness I have a husband that will help me out and watch the baby so I can go down to my craft room and get all the things finished that need to be done. The good news is; I have a jump on April's classes and I have almost all the samples up and ready to go, YEAH!!!

The good news is; I have a fairly good idea of what I plan to do for the Spring Fling and the Birthday Party. It is just a matter of pulling all the samples together and getting the samples done and ready to go.

Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8th Monday Mania w/ TGF

I am sooooo extremely thrilled and very, very excited to be
The Greeting Farms
Anya & Friends Monday Mania
today March 8th!

This Monday Mania being "Laces Up" your card should include at least one type of lace and one type of ribbon. I had a very different Idea when I came up with this idea for "Laces Up" and sent it in. Then my creative idea took on a life all it's own and and I ended up creating something totally different than I had planned! I am very pleased with the lovely card I created and I hope that you enjoy this card as well.

Several weeks there was a challenge to use Pink, Olive, Chocolate and Sparkle. The card I created for that challenge just so happens to also meet the requirements for this Monday Mania. It is completely different from what I first imagined and it is also completely different that what I actuallyy created but it still fit the requirements; go figure! I hope you enjoy this card as well.

So run, do not walk or take your time getting over to The Greeting Farm and the Club Anya & Friends blospost to make sure you have all the rules and details for this "Laces Up" Monday Mania. Good Luck and Most of all Have Fun!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

And It is Suddently Saturday Again!

WOW!!! I cannot believe it is Saturday again already. I have been working sooo hard to keep all my projects running through smoothing without backing up so far so good. We'll see if I can keep up the pace and pray that I can!!!

This week for the Make & Take over at the Stamp Express I've created a very lovely Vintage St Patrick's Day Card for you to recreate.

So if you are already a loyal customer you will want to make sure you get in early. If you haven't been there yet then this is the week you will want to check it our. This card is an easy one but it does have some nice WOW factor.

So the fabulous vintage image I found to use for this weeks make & take; I arranged it to print 4 images per page and I was able to printed a few extra copies off on some lovely tan marbleized card stock so we could add them to our vintage line we have for sale in the shop. In addition to this vintage card stock papers. I was able to get only 3 sheets printed of another Vintage Card Stock which has 4 different St. Patrick's Day Vintage images per sheet.

Seriously, there will be more of both vintage sheets available as soon as Ken get the opportunity to get another ink cartridge. We do realize that these vintage images are "HUGE" and we will get it printed As Soon As Possible. We definitely want to keep out customer happy!!! If you stop by and the copies are not available find out when they can be ready and tell them how many sheets you want.

So without further ado; here is the picture of this weeks Make & Take Sample. I hope you enjoy it as much I enjoyed creating it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

Well as stated above; this is absolutely another Manic Monday!!! Where to Start??? WoW, What a good question? Last week was completely crazy like never before!

So lets start by letting you all know all the things I actually did get completed.

1. I finished 4 Make & Take for Stamp Express! YEAH!!! Of course I will show you this weeks sample and you run right over to Stamp Express and make one of out Leprehcan's Gold Card today! This card is not make using a Rubber Stamp but rather a digital Stamp (or digi). Some of them cost money but if you are lucky you can find some FREEBIES out there too. This particular one is created by Dustin Pike; a very talented and awsome artist who we will be seeing alot more of his Digi FREEBIES because he is just so AWESOME!

Now come on all of you, I cannot show you next weeks before NEXT Monday! I'll just let you have ONLY ONE hint; it is one more Saint Patrick's Day Card and it is a vintage card!!! We all know how HOT the vintage look is right now and I've recently been asked for some more vintage. So isn't that perfect that I had already planned the next card as vintage.

2. I finished the samples for my Rubber Stamp Tapestry Class this Friday,
March 5th. I just realized I forgot to scan the pics. I'm working at Stamp
Express tomorrow eveninging so I will try to remember to bring them home to
scan and scan the cards then take them back to the Shoppe before they open up
again on Friday morning! Check back here and I will hopefully have the pictures posted instead of all this garbly-goop!

3. I also finished my Sample for my Hosting of Monday Mania for Club Anya and
Friend on Monday, March 8th. I cannot wait to show you these, but unfortunately
you will have to wait until Monday like everyone to see that sample. I have to
tell you that it really is AWESOME!!!

4. I also got another NEW Bithday card for yet another friend, who Birthday is this
weckend. So I'm probably not going to see this friend before her Bithda, so I
ask another friend to take it tonight because she is going to see her tomarrow
night. Where is the Gift and Card sitting right now??? Right there on my
stamping table where she left it sit!!!! So Sorry Eric, I will make sure you
get it soon as I can. But mean tine have a very Happy Birthday. At the very
least you can enjoy viewing your Birthday Card here with everyone else!!