Saturday, March 27, 2010

Let it Shine !

Good News for You and the Sun Keeps Shining! WooHoo.... Our team "Farm Fresh Fairies" decided not to use my card to submit for this 1st TGF Team Challenge. That means I can show you all my card, yeah! Told you the Sun Keeps Shining! So this "Going Retro" was our inspiration.

And from this use I pulled out colors and what I felt was a Retro Card. While I am still extremely pleased with my card and feel that is both elegant and beautiful "Goring Retro" means something completely different than what I think of as Retro. I've realized after a sweet friend pointed out that we are not as young as we once were! Today's NEW generation of stampers & scrappers; retro can even mean the 80's. Well to me that was still growing up; graduating HS, teenage years began to dwindle and then the beginning of young adulthood. So all that being said and my chatter surely getting to you I will finally show you my Lovely Card:

So What do you think??? Since I created it special and didn't use it I'm hoping it will fall into some of the guidelines so I can use it as part of my introduction packet for a Design Team I am applying for this week. I Love this card! It is the 1st shadow box type card I've made and they do indeed carry TGF, so hopefully I will it will be a good choice for that endeavour. As I've always been told "when one door closes and other door opens" something good should come from this sweet and special little card.

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Jenn Borjeson said...

Your card is just lovely!!! I love those Cheeky girls - too cute!