Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Everything is Coming Up Roses

Well tonight I really should have been starting my part of our TGF Team's 1st Challenge and what was I doing??? Exactly what I have planned for 2 weeks now. Making "ROSES" out of Grunge Board! Did I have FUN? Yes, indeed I did have lots of fun and many thanks to Brenda Trimmer who came over to show me how to make these incredible "ROSES"! Do I feel bad about not working on my TGF Project? Well a little, but not too bad. After all I figure I will get it done tomorrow so all should be good. Besides tonight allowed me to think about the project and what I wanted to do. And I did discover 1 very important thing the project needs to be more retro and less vintage. Very Important in the planning !
Now let's talk about these "ROSES". Can you believe these "Roses" are made out of "Grunge Board"? So you want to know how to make these lovely, beautiful and fabulous "Roses"? Of course you do. Well then, here is the deal; you come over to my house and I will show you how to make them. You ask what is the cost to learn something so incredibly wonderful. How about you just bring a great project to share with me and I will share with you!
OK my pretties; I must go get to bed. I have 2 Errands to run tomorrow and then I must get my bottom in the craft room and to work on the TGF Project for our 1st Team Challenge. I have NO Intentions for letting my team down. Tonight happened to be planned for several weeks and I couldn't cancel; not that I wanted to anyway. I've been anxiously awaiting tonight to learn how to make these fabulous "ROSES"