Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8th Monday Mania w/ TGF

I am sooooo extremely thrilled and very, very excited to be
The Greeting Farms
Anya & Friends Monday Mania
today March 8th!

This Monday Mania being "Laces Up" your card should include at least one type of lace and one type of ribbon. I had a very different Idea when I came up with this idea for "Laces Up" and sent it in. Then my creative idea took on a life all it's own and and I ended up creating something totally different than I had planned! I am very pleased with the lovely card I created and I hope that you enjoy this card as well.

Several weeks there was a challenge to use Pink, Olive, Chocolate and Sparkle. The card I created for that challenge just so happens to also meet the requirements for this Monday Mania. It is completely different from what I first imagined and it is also completely different that what I actuallyy created but it still fit the requirements; go figure! I hope you enjoy this card as well.

So run, do not walk or take your time getting over to The Greeting Farm and the Club Anya & Friends blospost to make sure you have all the rules and details for this "Laces Up" Monday Mania. Good Luck and Most of all Have Fun!


inkers4him said...

Congratulations! your making the big time now! Everyone loves the Greeting Farm. Way to go :) I love your samples.

Jenn Borjeson said...

Great job!!! Love it!