Monday, March 1, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

Well as stated above; this is absolutely another Manic Monday!!! Where to Start??? WoW, What a good question? Last week was completely crazy like never before!

So lets start by letting you all know all the things I actually did get completed.

1. I finished 4 Make & Take for Stamp Express! YEAH!!! Of course I will show you this weeks sample and you run right over to Stamp Express and make one of out Leprehcan's Gold Card today! This card is not make using a Rubber Stamp but rather a digital Stamp (or digi). Some of them cost money but if you are lucky you can find some FREEBIES out there too. This particular one is created by Dustin Pike; a very talented and awsome artist who we will be seeing alot more of his Digi FREEBIES because he is just so AWESOME!

Now come on all of you, I cannot show you next weeks before NEXT Monday! I'll just let you have ONLY ONE hint; it is one more Saint Patrick's Day Card and it is a vintage card!!! We all know how HOT the vintage look is right now and I've recently been asked for some more vintage. So isn't that perfect that I had already planned the next card as vintage.

2. I finished the samples for my Rubber Stamp Tapestry Class this Friday,
March 5th. I just realized I forgot to scan the pics. I'm working at Stamp
Express tomorrow eveninging so I will try to remember to bring them home to
scan and scan the cards then take them back to the Shoppe before they open up
again on Friday morning! Check back here and I will hopefully have the pictures posted instead of all this garbly-goop!

3. I also finished my Sample for my Hosting of Monday Mania for Club Anya and
Friend on Monday, March 8th. I cannot wait to show you these, but unfortunately
you will have to wait until Monday like everyone to see that sample. I have to
tell you that it really is AWESOME!!!

4. I also got another NEW Bithday card for yet another friend, who Birthday is this
weckend. So I'm probably not going to see this friend before her Bithda, so I
ask another friend to take it tonight because she is going to see her tomarrow
night. Where is the Gift and Card sitting right now??? Right there on my
stamping table where she left it sit!!!! So Sorry Eric, I will make sure you
get it soon as I can. But mean tine have a very Happy Birthday. At the very
least you can enjoy viewing your Birthday Card here with everyone else!!

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