Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Good Grief and I'm NOT Charlie Brown

WOW! It has really been one of those days. Everything just seemed to go wrong; today, if I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have had any luck at all. The ONLY good and best part of my day was that I got to spend time with my friend, Michell. We had every intention of stamping and getting some things done but we ended up just talking and sharing. We showed each other the new things and ideas we each had since we last got together. We do not get the chance to get together ofter enough anymore, since we are both raising our grandchildren. But neither of us would have that anyother way either! Today I found pictures that are on my old computer that I must find. There are some samples on there that I must share with you all. Now they are all made with Stampin' Up because I was an active demonstrator at the time. But some of the ideas and techniques are worth looking at. I do promise that there will be lots of NEW samples in the near future. I have lots and lots of ideas I just need to get downstair and into my stamping room. I'm totally excited about the NEW Rubber Stamp Tapestry Stamp Class we have planned at the Stamp Express on January 29th. I'm so excited about this class. I must admit that I don't have the samples made at this point but are my top priority and will be available for viewing her at my blog and in Stamp Express by the end of Next Week. The class is for Valentine's Day and the items we make will be as special as the day it's self. Don't miss out on these wonderful new stamps. Some of the stock is due in the shop by the end of this week. If you haven't had any experience with Rubber Stamp Tapestry sign up for my class and we will have a wonderful time. I also can guarantee you that once you start using them you will want many, many more of their sets! You know how obssesive we stampers are. Gotta have it, can't live without, I must get it now! Yes we are all like that don't feel bad, let it out and buy what you want. Life is too short not to have everything your little heart desires. Well my night is quickly coming to a screaching halt and the bed is beckoning so I will catch you tomarrow.

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