Saturday, January 30, 2010

Slow & Sleepy Sturday

Last week was awful busy and then after yesterday with 2 classes; one in the am and another in the pm, then with the dreary day today I just plain needed to rest. Needless to say; I did not create one single item today.

Yesterday afternoon between my 2 classes I did create 6 projects!

The 1st project was for Stamp Express to show the amazing new tins that finally came back in! yeah, they haven't had these in since Christmas time when they sold out. Each tin holds an entire dozen of Hershey Mini Nugget Bars (I like the toffee & almond chip ones).

Then I created 5 projects; all designed to hold candy for my Sweet Treats Class on February 5th at 6pm. In my haste of the day I forgot to take photo's to post, so I will have to run over Monday Morning to take photos to post here on my blog. Two of them contain Valentine M&M's, two of them hold Mini Conversation Hearts and then the last of them holds 4 of the Hershey's Mini Nugget Bars. They are all adorable and I'm so disappointed that I forgot the pics I sooooo wanted to post them for you all to see. Check back Monday Evening, I promise they will be here!

This week will be another busy, busy week for me.
1st: I have to complete the projects and CD's holder I promised to send out to the owner of TGF and get those in the mail this week. I told her I would have them in the mail last week and then things just went crazy, so that is my 1st priority this week.

2nd: I have to create 2-3 cards for the IRIS Class I will be teaching at the Stamp Express on February 19th. I think I'm going to go with flowers because the theme is "Think Spring" I have patterns for a Rose and Tulips and a basket which would be so amazing to add prima flowers to embellish the basket. That is what I'm thinking but we all know how the process can change from thought through creation to finished project. Hopefully all goes well and it will not take long to complete these samples.

3rd: I need to start working on Make & Takes again. Like to keep those planned ahead so that I don't have to rush at the last minute. I'm finished with Valentine Make & Takes so I need to start moving onto Spring, St. Patrick's, Easter, etc. I like to prepare 4-5 at a time which is usually a full days work!

The Hot Stuff Make and Take from last week was amazing. I created the designer paper for the card and it was a huge success. They print more of this "Hot Stuff" Designer Paper each week and it sells out so they must print more again! I'm so delighted. This is the 1st Designer Paper I've created and the fact that is such an amazing HIT is so awesome!!! I'm so excited and I cannot wait to create more Designer Papers for Stamp Express.

Then the plan is to create more stamp designs. I've recently sent one set off to another company and I'm waiting to hear from them. Then I will be creating designs for Stamp Express. At this point Ken & Jackie are not sure which direction they want to go with these designs; either digi stamps or making their own polymer stamps. Time will tell and the future is undetermined at this moment but I promise their customer will be the 1st to know! So be sure to sign up for their news letter and keep up to date with this wonderful little shop. It is awesome and they are working to bring some really great things into the Stamp Express this year.

If you are local to the Stamp Express you will want to make a point to stop in Saturday, February 5th. They will have lots of NEW items going on the shelves Friday. Going on the shelves Friday is Copic Markers, GlimmerMist, Bo Bunny Candy Holders and Bo Bunny Double-Sided Designer Paper. Also while you are there you will want to check out the vintage papers for both Valentine's and St Patrick's. And if they get it in Vintage Designer Paper.

So now that I've chatted on for much longer than I anticipated. I will say Good-Night for now. Don't forget to check back on Monday to see pics of those "Sweet Treats". They are great, especially if you need an idea for your Child's Valentine's!

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