Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Greeting Farm CHA Digi Relay Image 2

The Greeting Farm CHA Digi Relay is a huge hit with many people. Their site was so busy with uploads, viewing, and comments that their system over loaded and the stie crashed. Though that was a horrible thing to have happen especially when you are miles away from home and have to rely on getting YFI connection to get a hold of your tech guys is a horrendous pain in the pettuty!

I have been having a good time just throwing cards together. This sounds so horrible but my only concern is that I makle a card; regardless of how good or bad it may be so long as I post it on time and post my info in the comment section on time as well and I get the next FREE digi. So after the crazyness of the relay is over I will have 6 incredibly NEW digi's to use and make really great card to share with other and to enter in other contests.

If you didn't get on board Yesterday unfortunately it is too late to jump in now. So sorry you didn't make it in. But the good news is check out CA&F for the Monday Mandia Contest. It is a really cool Monday Manida, I hope I will have time to enter. Then check in to CA&F on Wednesday for the Wild Card Wednesday Contest. Don't forget the check out the Farmers Market on Friday for their blog contest. Again on Saturday if you check back at CA&F you will have a chance to get in on the Saturday Sketch contest. So even if you did mis the CHA Digi Relay you wtill have long of contests to enter and no prizes will be shipped until February 1st when Marie and Jessica get back from CHA.

I hope they are having a blast but they better remember to get some rest too because I don't know about you but I want details and of course I want to see the NEW REKEASE thet they will debuting on February 1st as well. I am just so addicted to TGF that I can't stop myself. I want to have every stamp and digi they have! But if I'm not mistaken we already establshedd that fact!


Lisa Jane said...

Two lovely cards for thr relay. isn't it fun


Sonya said...

I'm having a blast. This is the best contest they have had yet!