Friday, February 5, 2010

NEW LOOK but still not a digi winner!

OK, so I did not win the random drawing for a digi from TGF. Again, NO worries. Just another one of those digi's that I will have to purchase as son as I get the money together!

I did work extremely hard for several hours today. In the attempt to get my stamping room re-organized, cleaned up and the creative energy flowing back though my special crafting space again. I need to finish going through things, clearing out the old and make room for the new. Thus the entire room needed to be re-organized so that the new things could be put in place and everything cleanly put away; a place for everything and everything in it's place. I will be so happy when I have the room finished. Especially since it is time once again to kick butt and get to creating the necessary project with deadlines completed.

My "Sweet Treats" class was postponed due to weather conditions. So that has been put off until next Friday. Which means I will have stop my creative process this week to get ready for that toward the end of this week now.

Needless to say I must finish the room this weekend which shouldn't be a problem since it looks like we will all be snowed in! I'd normally say Yeah but just not feeling it anymore, I am so ready for Spring! Anyway so I get the room completely cleaned and I'm ready to start bright and early Monday Morning on all the projects do indeed have deadlines. Hopefully I will be able to pull all the projects off quickly and have time to create some thing for myself and be able to get in on some of the many contests each week at TGF.

So to give you an idea of what I'm up to this coming week. I have approximately 4-6 Make and Take Projects completed for Stamp Express. I also need to get 2-3 samples completed for my Spring IRIS class on February 19th from 6pm to 8pm. In addition to these projects I need to pull my plans together for a club I've been trying to plan. At this time the name isn't definite but I leaning toward "Farm Frenzied Fridays" This club will beet on the last Friday of each month and will be limited to The Greeting Farm Stamps; including TGF, Club Anya & Friends and the Critter Crew.
I must also choose a date to start the club. I would like to start it the last Friday of February but due to advertising reasons I may have to put it off until the last Friday of March. Then the planning must move on to a Spring Time Crop. I have volunteered to Host a Scarp at Stamp Express. Of course this will be the 1st crop I have hosted so I have lots of information to gather for this one. But as I've planned and Hosted a variety of other events I'm sure I will be able to plan and pull off and completely successful and ultimately fun, fun, fun scrapping Event.

I just had a fabulous idea since I'm really not thrilled with the name of the club you all can make suggestions and the winner will receive a 12 pack of gel pens for stamping and scrapping. I will scann and up-load that pic tomorrow, hopefully

I originally wanted to call this club "The Greeting Farm Creative Specialist's".
I wanted the club to be completely involved around The Greeting Farm in either rubber or digi forms. I did indeed contact the owner of TGF and we cannot use TGF in our club name as it violates some rules or laws. Jackie suggested that maybe we could include TGF and stampavie and call it something like People to People. Again not completely happy with this name.

So in order to win the prize you will need to 1st) let me know if you feel the club should be restricted only to The Greeting Farm in both stamp and digital or if you think we should include The Greeting Farm both in stamp and digital, Stampavie and Elisabeth Bell designs both in rubber & digital. Then 2nd) Let me know your ideas for the club name. You do not have to become a member of our club in order to take part in the contest. We do of course hope if you are in our area that you will be a part of our club!

The contest will be open for comments until February 19th so if things go well we can plan and advertise though Stamp Express regarding the start date for the club. I will let the winner know ASAP, when I decide what the official name of the club will be. I will let everyone know in the Stamp Express Advertisement and here or my blog what stamps and digital images are going to be an acceptable part of the club. I am Looking forward to hearing lots and lots of comments from all of you. Your opinion's are very important to me and I by all means want to have a very successful club and I can only do that if I listen to your comments and act within those perimeter. I'm also looking forward to lots of you being involved in the club.

All details regarding the club will be disclosed here in my blog as soon as the details are confirmed. There will also be copies regarding the details of the club available at Stamp Express as soon the details are confirmed. We can discuss any questions you may have at the 1st meeting.

All participants MUST bring their own Bear Necessity Kit along with any projects you plan to work on to each and every class. A list of the Bear Essential will be released along with the information about the Club. It is important that each person have their own supplies; I cannot afford to supply these and Ken & Jackie are already allowing us to use their space and their supplies are OFF limits because this is a club and not a class.

WOW! It feels great to be running the contest as opposed to be trying to win a contest. Good Luck and I cannot wait to hear all the great suggestions and comments each of you all have to offer.

OK so another thing I really wanted to talk about was the new look of my BLOG. I worked on it all afternoon trying to breath as much of myself into it as I could at this time. Sometime down the road when I start designing my own stamps and digi's I will have to really get computer literate so I can really make my blog reflect myself and my personality. For now this is as good as it gets. I hope you like the changes I have made and look forward to hearing what you think about the changes I've made.


inkers4him said...

I say include all the stamp companys you mentioned! I love them all. I am still trying to think of a good name. I will get back to you soon.

inkers4him said...

the friends and me craft club or Me time! crafty club or friends and me creative club. I will keep trying to think. I know they are kind of corny.

Keri said...

I say the Embellishing Babes is a cute name for a group :]

I love The Greeting Farm, but I haven't seen the other stamp brands to say what to include. Go on what you think!

inkers4him said...

How about the sunshine and roses craft club. My son suggested the sexy stampers club. I do not vote for that one:)