Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Picture Problems Perfected

If you haven't seen my blog until very recently; you aren't aware of the picture problems I was having. It appears that my camera, which is only 3 years old, is outdated and my pictures are not coming out clear enoough to post to my blog. It will be some time before I can purchase a new and very good camera. So until then I must revert to scanning my cards so all future pictures posted are very clear!

I was able to go back and edit some of the photo I had previously posted but some I am unable to for obvious reason, I do not have the samples any longer! The projects I make each week for the Make & Takes at Stamp Express. Once I give the sample and instructions to Stamp Express and receive payment they become their property. This week I scanned the Make & Take before I took it in and I was able to post a clear picture here for all you to view.

To keep you all from having to scoll back and check out all my old posts; I'm re-publishing them right here. These cards are creted using TGF images. Please enjoy!


Greg said...

I thi nk this is some really nice stamping and card embellishment you do. Can I learn to do this in my spare time?

inkers4him said...

Great pictures! now this is a Blog!!!