Monday, February 8, 2010

Working on Improving Picture Quality

Other than my even increasing list of projects to do I have to work on Improving the Quality of my Pictures. This of course must take priority because it affects my blog 100%. The better quality pictures I am able to produce the better the quality of pics you will be able to see. Sinice pic quality is TOP PRIORITY check this image out and let me know what you all think. Is this image better than the ones I've been placing on my blog???
This is a pic of the prize for the winner who pics the name I choose to use for my Club.

Yesterday I had something thrilling occurr! Jessica from The Greeting Farm contacted me to ask me is I would be able to Host Monday Mania on March 8th. She liked the Idea that I submitted as a Monday Mania idea and asked me if I still wanted to host and if that date would work for me. Oh YEAH. Like the date wouldn't work. I am so absolutely ecstatic to have this fabulous honor.

I am hoping that I've taken care of my picture clarity and I can move onto my may other projects. I did get one thing done today, I completed one Make & Take for Stamp Express. Speaking of Stamp Express, please remember Ken & Jackie in your prayers; Jackied went into the hosital on Friday with a blood clot in her lung and then while Ken was on his way to see Jackie at the hospital he was in an auto accident. He is fine thankfully, the car is drivable but it does need some work.

I went to Stamp Express this evening and covered the store for a couple of hours and weather permitting I will do so again tomorrow evening. I then have the rescheduled Sweet Treats Class on Friday and then again on Saturday I will be working at Stamp Expres so that Ken cam care for Jackie who will hopefully be home from the hospital at that point.

That's it for today. I will try a pic of a card tomorrow to see how that turns out but I wanted to get the prize pic on so you all start thinking real hard to give me some fantastic names. Rembember you will be part of that club to if you in fact do intend to participate, which I really hope you do.

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inkers4him said...

wow! much better clarity! I have been praying for Jackie and Ken.