Saturday, February 20, 2010

Suddenly Saturday

This has been an absolutely crazy week and it is "Suddenly Saturday"! Where did this week go? I just have so much to do that I don't think I will ever see the bottom on the bin. In fact I decided it was time to sit down and make a list so I could cross items off as I finished them. That way I can say I have this done and this done and this done. Instead of how I've been doing it and saying I have this to do and etc. I'm trying to surround myself with some more positive energy and looking at is as the glass being half full as opposed to half empty.

So amongst the blustery craziness and seemingly running circles as I came to this realization I decide to complete the 1 Make & Take I need to get to Stamp Express tomorrow. Then I took the rest of the time to make a card for fun. No Make & Take Sample, No Class Sample and no contest entry, just downright fun. Turns out I really do need to use it for a Birthday but I had fun making it and it helped the block and enable the inspiration and passion to fill me. That is what I needed it to do, so now we are inspired and ready to grab the list and accomplish one project after another next week. YEAH ME!!!

Oh, so I suppose you want to see this card, which I think turned out incredibly beauteous! I started with a piece of water color paper. I took the money (right you know me I had a 50% OFF Coupon) and I bought some of the really good stuff which really does work best for this technique. I got my protective plastic mat out that can withstand the hear gun. You know I can't remember those title of items either. I took out my Tim Holtz Distress Inks and tapped some yellow, blue and purple nest to each other on the plastic mat, added lots of water and laid the paper right on top of the mess! I told you it was fun. I picked it up very carefully and dried it with my heat gun. Now completely happy with the way the colors were yet I went back to the mess and laid the paper down in another direction and again heated it dry. Then it was time to move onto the next step. More Tim Holtz Distress Inks and a GlimmerMist screen worked very nicely. I used a square of rubbery sponge to apply a distressing ink to make the paper look vintage, right over the screen I went to make sure the colors I put on first shown through the image of the dove. Then more drying with the heat gun. You know I have absolutely NO Patience! After that I sprayed the entire sheet with GlimmerMist Clear Pearl. I left this sit to dry while I used my copic markers to color these precious vintage par fume atomizers and of so very carefully cut out. This being done and the page being dry I sprayed it with another coat of GlimmerMist, you know how I love that shimmer and the 2nd coat adds the real zing I want. Of course I had to dry this once again so I could begin putting the card together now. Somewhere between all this I had also sprayed a coffee filter with Glimmermist. I cut this into pieces so I could run it through on a sizzlit die. I ran 2 pieces of each flower so I could offset them and build them up to may more layers to the flower. Then I had to oh so carefully punch 1/16" circle in the center and inserted a mini crystal brad. Oh so pretty, just what I've been looking for and haven't been able to find. At last I was able to ever so carefully begin adhering all the layers of my card. Once I was Finally finished I Stamped Happy Birthday on the Front of the card and added a sentiment to the inside. I Know, I Know, So here we go presenting my very fun Happy Birthday Card.

After the card was completely together I put the finishing touches on the par fume atomizers with the spica at you Glitter Pens in blue, purple, and yellow and then I topped that off with some stardust stickles. And whaalaa the incredible card you see! Remember I really like your comments so let me know what you think.

So now one of my friends if you are kind enough to be a follower of my blog will know what their birthday card is going to look like this year. If you really like this card just let me know and I might give it to you for your birthday. In fact it was so much fun to make this car that everyone of my friends might just get one like this or similar for their birthday; like it or not!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you all again very soon.

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Carolyn Bounds said...

What a stunning creation!!! I know how time has a way of slipping right by. I do hope you are able to find more time for you and are able to get your to do list completed. Have a wonderful weekend!!!