Friday, April 2, 2010

Fantastic and Frantic Friday !

This card is dedicate to all you lovely ladies who had a "Frantic Friday" and need to go home; sit down, kick those feet up and have a great drink (shaken NOT stirred)For those ladies who had a "Fantastic Friday" I can say that my morning was also Fantastic! My hubby took the little fellow to get his hair cut then they went to the grocery store and the apothecary before coming home. What "Fantastic Fabulous Fun Friday"! In that time I was able to get 3 entire card completed from sheer idea to finish project!!! How often does that happen when you have a toddler in the house. I can tell you; not often!!! Anyway; I will show you those cards Sunday in my Easter Post.

Do not fret I do have other samples to share today! Here are some samples that I made Monday when I went to play stamps at my Friends house! We had such fun and she had read about this new technique that she wanted us to try so by all means try it we had to. Playing with new thing or in a new way are so much fun!!!

So lets chat about what we did and check out the great samples I came home with. Michelle and I had such fun and it had been so long since we had gotten together to play that it was sheer bliss, to say the least now on to what you are here for.

So the first thing we did was cut a piece of white card stock and a piece of tissue paper. We laid down the card stock and then the tissue on top of that (I recommend laying the shinny layer of the tissue paper up to begin). Spray (both layers together-tissue on top of the card stock) with Glimmer Mist. We started with "Sea Glass" in the center, then "Sherbet" around that and finally "Chocolate or Coffee" around the very edges. Then you will need to smooth out the tissue (every so very gently). Using a heat gun dry first the tissue paper and then the card stock papers (being very careful not to burn or char the tissue paper). When both papers are dry you have two fantastic designer papers to use to create two fancy dancy cards for two very special people in your life!

As promised these are the two samples I made with each piece of my hand made designer papers! Both cards are using a Stampin' Up Hostess Set. If you fall in love with this set you only have a 3 month left to get it so call your Stampin' Up Demonstrator or if you don't have one call mine, she is a super wonderful person and my very special friend that showed me this very fun and beautiful technique. So now that I'm done bragging about my friend and Stampin' Up Demonstrator; her name is Michelle Hileman and her number is (717) 932-2800. And remember you only have until the end of June to get this incredibly gorgeous Hostess Set.

I love in fell in love with this set and Michelle is such an incredibly wonderful friend that she gave me a set for my Birthday! I was so excited and so happy and so thankful and so lucky to have such a dear, sweet, wonderful Friend. Again Thank you sooo very much for all the wonderful things you gave me for my Birthday Michelle your are truly a very great friend!

My Birthday isn't even until Tuesday the 6th and I've already gotten my gift from Michelle which was so much more than that lovely stamp set and I got my gift from my hubby. He bought me my choice of a dozen copic markers. "Yeah ME"! I may not get anything else but I think I made out pretty well anyways.

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