Thursday, April 29, 2010

Well here I am at it again!

Well here I am at it again; what is that you ask. Trying out for another design team that's what. I have been madly creating cards this week 10 specifically for the DT Call and I'm just not completely thrilled with the results I'm coming up with. I think all the rejections in the past are causing me some creativity blockage. I know that this is the way these things go but it is hard when you want something so bad and cannot seem to achieve that goal. I know when the right place for me is open that I will win the call, but the rejection is hard on you all the same.

I did take a short break this week and created something purely for my own pleasure. I've been thinking about this Christmas tag since Michelle and I were creating tags this past Sunday. I only knew what colors I would be using to color the tag. Then low and behold I found these great little stamps in me drawers and the rest of the supplies on my shelves. It truly is wonderful when a plan comes together so beautifully! And I do mean beautifully, look at how gorgeous this Christmas or Winter Tag turned out.

I think I have decided which samples I will be sending off for the Design Call; after the weekend I will show you some of the cards that didn't make my cut for the DT call. When I find out if I win the call or not I will of course let you all know and share the items that did make my final cut to send. I can tell you at this point it looks like I'm sending an 8"x 8" scrap book page, a card and a tag. Then I'm hoping they will check out my blog here to see all the wonderful thing I can and do make. Yes we are only to send in 3 items; that is what made it soooo hard to decide. I wish they had said 5 card because then another make of the lemon & tequila card I showed months ago. I used a different glitter this time and the supposed salt looks better on this one. So I'll show the new one after the weekend.

The DT call end on Tuesday so I'm sure a decision will be made promptly as they want the NEW DT to begin their duties in June 2010. I'm going to keep my finger and toes (well if I could cross them) and hope that I win. This company has such a wide range and variety of great stamps to work with.

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