Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Special Samples to Share

I recently applied for yet another design team position. Sadly I was turned down for this position this time. They did however, ask to keep my application to "hopefully" call me in the future as a guest designer. Of course I said "YES". How exciting would that be to play with great new stamps for an entire month for a design team. If you can't get the big gig take the little one, right!

So I want to share with all of you, by friends, the samples I sent in as my samples with my application. Please enjoy these lovely samples and hopefully they will inspire you to get crafty and be creative today!

I did take this as a sign to that it is time for me to go ahead with my plans for re-opening my own business; "Stamp Works". It has been a long time but I've already started to take the first of the many, many little steps I need to do to get to the end result.
I will needless to say be carrying The Greeting Farm Stamps, YEAH! Flourishes Stamps and that is all I have lined up at this time.
It will be some time before I get to actually hold that 1st in-home workshop, stamp camp, class, day or weekend event but I am started and on my way.

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