Sunday, April 4, 2010

TGF Royal Battle Challenge #2

We did indeed make it through round #1 of TGF Royal Battle; and we made it through with flying colors!!! YEAH & thank you all for all you many and kind comments, for as we told you last time each comment is indeed ONE Vote!
This is our card to be entered into TGF Royal Battle #2. This challenge was an easel card and our team member Ann's card was chosen for this challenge. Love those marshmallows!

You can use this link to go directly to our card to vote-VOTE-VOTE! Remember that each comment (good comment) is a vote!

THANK YOU so much for every comment-vote you left for our to help up WIN challenge #1 we do indeed greatly appreciate each and every comment-vote. We only have 3 more challenges left and hopefully we will win the Grand Prize. If you left a comment to vote for any of cards; please leave a comment here too and we will gladly send each of you a thank you dare for helping us out and helping us to WIN and make it as far as we make it in TGF's Royal Battle Challenge.

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