Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter to All

Hope you all will have or have had a very Happy and Wonderful Easter Holiday. With out chattering away I will get on with what you all want to see! The incredible Easter Card I have created for some very special people in my life.
The above card I created for my husband. He doesn't really care if he gets a card or anything else or not so I get the chance to try thing I want on his cards. So since I absolutely love the vintage look, I've been waiting to try something new in the way of distressing. I worked perfectly I must say! The image was printed on regular old copy paper. I crumpled it and then un-crumpled it. Lay it in a shallow pan and pour just enough strong "tea" (no sugar, please) over it to cover the paper. The paper will pick up the color very quickly and then you will pour off the tea. Put the entire pan with the paper still in it into a toaster over and bake on the lowest setting until dry. Be very careful not to burn! And walla you have instant ages paper photo!
This cute and YES Fuzzy card is for my Son (Grandson). After making the card I broke out my new MS kit. You rub on the little adhesive animals or other objects then peal off the plastic and place the fuzzy paper over the adhesive, rub again with a Popsicle stick and just like that Walla you have super easy, no fuss, no mess fuzzy, flocked images! I loved the mess free part of this!
Finally this card I made for my Father. And there really is nothing to say, it is what it is. No fuss and no muss here!!!

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